Four men arrested in auto theft ring

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CENTRAL INDIANA (Feb. 16, 2014) — Indiana State Police began an investigation in 2013 into a large auto theft ring that spanned several counties in Indiana.

Trooper Dan Hearon lead the investigation and worked closely with agencies from Morgan, Hendricks and Marion counties to gather information that lead to several arrests.

The in-depth investigation revealed information on several possible suspects and several “chop shops”, or facilities were stolen vehicles are taken, disassembled and sold off in pieces.

Police discovered several of the stolen vehicles were being parted out, sold off and the remaining metal was then burned and sold as scrap.

Trooper Hearon located and shut down three of the shops, which were located in Monrovia and Indianapolis. He also recovered seven stolen automobiles that were still intact.

In addition there have been multiple engines and various auto parts recovered that had been removed from other stolen vehicles as well as a stolen gun and several tools taken in burglaries in the Indianapolis area.

Indiana State Police have arrested four suspects through this investigation for various offenses, such as possessing stolen automobiles and property.

The investigation also led to the solving of various burglaries and thefts in multiple jurisdictions.

The suspects arrested in this case are Daniel Beverstock, 54 or Martinsville, Christopher Morgan, 34 of Indianapolis, Chad Gooch , 32 of Indianapolis and Joshua Argue, 29 of Monrovia.

This investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected. Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Indiana State Police post in Bloomington at (812) 332-4411.