More snow possible on Monday

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Here’s what your snow total may look like for Monday night

After more snow falls on the area on Monday afternoon we will be looking at a warm-up and thaw for the remainder of the week.  Highs will slowly rise into the 50s for Thursday with highs from Tuesday through the end of the week expected to at least hit the upper 30s.  This means some melt will occur and our concern for river flooding will go up for the rest of the month through March as snow continues to melt.

Don’t expect to see much sun through the day today with highs in the upper 20s.  Most of the day will be spent with temperatures in the mid to low 20s.  It will be mostly cloudy and we cannot rule out some flurries falling as well.  Clouds hang on overnight tonight and keep temperatures in the city to about 20 degrees.


More snow is on the way. River flooding is also now a growing concern for rest of the month.

Monday could see a brief round of snow as a warm front slides through in the morning.  Most of the snow on Monday won’t arrive until the afternoon and it will depend on where you are.  Places from Lafayette to the north should expect to see mostly snow.  Places south of Lafayette but north of Bloomington will see a mixture of ice, snow, and rain.  Finally down to the south of Bloomington can expect to see mostly rain.  Overall, Indianapolis could see up to about 2 inches of snow mixed in with the rain and sleet.

According to the Indianapolis NWS, Central Indiana has between 1 – 2 inches of equivalent water on the ground with snow cover.  As temperatures continue to warm-up we will begin to obviously see this snow melting off.  There is a concern beginning as soon as this Thursday that we could see some river flooding occurring with any big rains.  Hard frozen grounds along with snow melt and additional rain will mean swollen rivers and creeks for the next month and a half.  Basements may also flood during this period.