FOX59 takes action to help Indianapolis woman get help with mold in apartment

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Buying a home can be pretty overwhelming, but for one local woman, it sent her to the emergency room—three times!

Last September, Gracie Vicars, 69, bought a condo in Greenwood’s Ashton Park Village. Shortly after moving in, Vicars said she noticed a foul odor coming from her master bathroom and immediately thought it was mold.

Vicars said she contacted Clear View Home Inspections and even tried to get help from her realtor and the seller’s relator, but nobody would help her.

“I went to the emergency room three times in December, because I was having difficulty breathing,” said Vicars. “I know it was from the mold because I had not had any kind of issues like that before.”

FOX59’s Kristin Kane took action and helped Vicars get the answers she needed.