Quiet weather for now but don’t get too comfortable

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Chilly, slick conditions this morning, as winter’s mess from yesterday froze over again overnight. After sunrise (7:34 a.m.), we are expecting sunshine to return and hold for a good portion of the day as temperatures climb into the lower 40s!  Finally, a rather seasonal, dry day!  Here is your timeline:

Quiet weather holds for tomorrow too, as temperatures climb again into the lower 40s…this will help melt down some snow slowly and improve many local roads. Unfortunately, it won’t last for long, as a powerhouse cold front returns Thursday night/Friday morning! Before the (spring-like) front arrives, a warm surge of air is expected to encompass the entire state driving our temperatures into the upper 50s.  This will create the instability, along with a strong jet stream overhead will drive strong wind gusts down to the surface (along and in front of the cold front). For now, damaging winds look likely for the area and even potential for tornadoes in southern Indiana down through the Tennessee Valley.