The threat of rain this week increases flooding concerns

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GREENFIELD – Greenfield Street Department crews removed snow and ice from catch basins on Tuesday before it rains in two days.

The city has 2,400 catch basins. They have been hard to find because they are buried under snow and ice. Crews spent the day on Tuesday, searching for them and clearing them.

“It’s going to be a real problem and we’re not going to get them all. Hopefully we do,” Street Commissioner Jim Hahn said.

Hahn said they need to clear the catch basins in order for water to drain properly. It was sunny today and snow started melting, plus it’s supposed to rain on Thursday, which worries Hahn.

“Depending on how much rain we get, I mean the rain that’s forecasted..I mean that’s a lot of rain,” Hahn said.

Hahn is not the only person worried about flooding, people like Shirley Wellman are worried too. She lives in Greenfield and does not want her home to flood.

“I hope it doesn’t, but we’re on a slab so it could back up,” Wellman said.

Crews posted signs that read ‘high water’ around several streets in town, warning residents about potential flooding.

“We have several areas that within town that we already know that are going to be problem areas where we’re already putting signs up for Thursday and stuff,” Hahn said.

In order to help, residents are urged to clear the catch basins and gutters around their home before Thursday.

“We’re not asking you to do all the work, but every little bit helps. By doing that, (it) may save high water from going in your basement or getting into your house,” Hahn said

Hahn said they are working with county officials to create a map of low lying areas that flood.