Winter weather keeping repair shops busy

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Slide-off accidents, fender benders at intersections and potholes have local repair shops struggling to keep up.

Bill Amonett, owner of Beck Service Center on the south side of Indianapolis, says the high volume of repairs combined with delivery problems had his repair schedule backed up by a week.

“We couldn’t get parts in because the trucks from the east coast couldn’t get to Indianapolis,” Amonett said. “So all that just multiplied and just slowed everybody down even more.”

Amonett says most of the damage he has seen involved wheel and tire damage, suspension and alignment problems. All signs of a bump and grind winter Indiana drivers have been dealing with.

While the damage may be good for business, Tod Cumbe is ready for a break. Cumbe drives for White Glove Towing. He says his phone has been ringing constantly since late December.

“Yeah, you’ve got to sleep sometime,” Cumbe said. “When your health starts getting invloved, you’ve got to get your sleep.”

He’s hoping to get a full night’s sleep sometime before his family goes on vacation to Disney World next month.

But this week’s melting snow and ice will only bring new challenges on the road ways. New potholes will be cropping up. And high water will undoubtedly cause trouble for drivers who underestimate the depth. That’s something Amonett strongly advises against.

“The air dam now on a lot of vehicles are underneath the vehicle,” he said. “So it does not take much to go through a little bit of high water, to suck that water up into that air dam, up into your intake down into your engine and hydrolock your engine, and basically blow your engine.”

Even if you haven’t had an accident this winter, driving around on the rough terrain may have thrown your car out of alignment. Amonett says drivers should get that checked once Spring arrives.