Ice and snow creating problems for Hoosiers’ homes

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MOORESVILLE – Many Hoosiers across central Indiana are calling companies to inspect their roofs due to leaks and water spots; snow and ice on people’s homes may be to blame for that.

Fentress Builders specializes in things like roof repairs and remodeling. Project Manager, Chris Spencer, said he has been bombarded with phone calls -the last two days- from people who are concerned about water trickling into their homes. Spencer said it is called ice damming.

“Really ice has just been a culprit this whole winter and it continues to be here as (we approach) Spring,” Spencer said.

Spencer said the snow and ice on top of people’s homes has collected without somewhere to go.

“When it snows, it’s going to freeze and pile up in one certain area and -as you can see- most of these houses got a little bit of snow packed up in there; it’s kind of attaching to the shingles. A lot of times when it starts freezing, then (it) thaws and (freezes again), (it will) get up between the shingles. The shingles rip and ice goes in there,” Spencer said.

Wednesday morning Spencer and a coworker were called to a home in Mooresville. Robin Dyer called the company because she noticed water in her garage and a water spot on the ceiling of her master bedroom.

“I understand mother nature has wreaked havoc and (given us a lot of) extra snow that we’re not used to and (because of) this beautiful sunny day we’re getting, (there’s going to be) a lot of water,” Dyer said.

Last summer Dyer had drywall water damage and she called Fentress Builders to fix it. They replaced the roof and fixed her problem, but we have experienced a historic winter. She is having other issues as a result of the brutal weather.

Spencer and his teammate climbed up on the roof today to remove snow and ice from it. Spencer said they will work with the homeowner and look over the issue to find a better solution.

“We need to find something better that’s going to be a permanent fix for you and (so that) we’re not coming (here) every year going over this,” Spencer said.

Dyer responded, “I appreciate (that) you came back so quickly and responded to it”.

Spencer encourages Hoosiers to call a company, if they are experiencing problems.

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