Family sets up fund to help bury family of six killed in fire

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INDIANAPOLIS (February 24, 2014) — Strong doesn’t even come close to describe how the Guerra family is doing amidst their unimaginable loss. Six of their own were taken away from them after a fire broke out in their home Saturday.

Leo and Brandy Guerra, 47 and 33, respectively, died along with their four children: Miranda, 14; Esteban, 11; Blanquita, 8; and Fuentes, 6.  Two of the children survived at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health until Sunday, when they were taken off their ventilators.

“My brother and I were very close,” said Blanca Guerra, Leo’s sister. “I don’t think I’ve even come to grips that he’s not here with me anymore.”

With no survivors, it may take firefighters weeks to determine the cause and origin of the fire.

Family members said there is no time for tears, as they prepare to bury the family of six. Funeral arrangements are being made at the New Wineskin Ministry on the west side.

“We’re just trying to really get ourselves to keep the strength to keep going,” said Blanca. “I just loved them truly. All of them.”

Flowers, stuffed animals and candles surround the Guerra home days later. At the Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School, where the four children attended school, grief counselors are on hand for student trying to cope. Classmates also wrote letters to the Guerra kids.

Family has set up an official fund to cover the Guerra’s funeral expenses. You can make donations to the ‘Guerra Charitable Final Arrangement Trust’ at any Chase bank.

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