Weekend winter storm halts Hoosier travel plans

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INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers are throwing out their weekend plans, and you can blame that on the weather.

Interstates and city streets will all become dangerous with heavy snow falling. The possibility for ice to the south makes it even worse.

Sunshine and a clear interstate are luxuries that will disappear heading into this weekend.

“The kids are at home, we’re all off schedule,” said Brenda Culbertson.

It’s the story of the season for mom Brenda Culbertson. Her boys’ hoop dreams may disappear soon, like the sun.

“Tomorrow depending on the weather, we’re supposed to take off around noon and head to Louisville, Kentucky for a tournament,” she said.

The family’s slated to stay there Saturday night into Sunday. But mom isn’t sold on the idea of traveling mid-storm. She’s waiting to find out if the tournament’s still a go.

“Worst case, if they can move up our basketball schedule and start us Sunday morning, maybe we can be out of there,” she said.

Indianapolis DPW trucks are parked and ready to move when the flakes fall.

“The weekend gives us a window to have less traffic, not as concentrated traffic on the road, so we can get to work and plow as much snow as we can,” said Lesley Gordon, with Indy Snow Force.

Gordon said plan your travel wisely this weekend, even errands in the city. Keep an eye to the sky and make sure your travel is essential.

It’s a question travelers pondered Friday night as they flew in and out of the Circle City. It was business as usual at the airport, but you can bet that will change.

“Much better to get here and hunker down before it hits,” said Ken Gramley, “It was warm in San Francisco.”

Gramley’s back home in Indiana just in time for a winter welcome.

Indy Snow Force went into full call out mode Friday night at 11 p.m. They will be pre-treating and prepping for the storm. Contractors are on standby for plowing those residential streets Sunday.

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