Thousands of potholes filled; thousands more appear

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Mar. 7, 2014) — It may seem like the pothole problem in Indianapolis isn’t being taken care of, we have numbers that prove it is.

It’s no surprise that potholes have become a menace. It almost seems like as one is filled, another one opens up. F.E. Harding Asphalt Companies was the contractor hired by the city a month ago to help fill the tens of thousands of potholes getting in the way of your commute. As of this week, 7,500 pothole repair requests have been fulfilled by DPW and F.E. Harding crews combined.

“Anything that’s over three inches in diameter, those potholes are the ones that are going to grow tremendously,” said Tyler Smith, Vice President for F.E. Harding.

What a job these guys have.

“We didn’t realize the job would be this large, but it’s only going to get larger when the weather does warm up and the thaw starts to take place,” Smith said.

Jeremiah Welle fell victim to a huge pothole in Indianapolis back in January.

“The tire immediately went flat, at which point I pulled over and once I took the tire off the car, I looked on the inside of the rim and the whole rim had punctured and dented in,” Welle said.

It cost him $455 to fix. So, he filed a tort claim with the city to get reimbursed.

“I filled out specifically, in detail, what had happened. I looked up the address of the church that was behind where I hit the pothole,” Welle said. “Then I also attached the pictures to that same information and then just mailed it out to the city.”

Weeks later, Welle received paperwork to be signed and notarizied, then, to his relief, a reimbursement check from the city.

“Getting $350 to me was much better than zero,” Welle said.

Here is the link for the City of Indianapolis for the way to report property damage:

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