Remembering a murdered Indianapolis man through his love of music

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Mar. 14, 2014) — Heavy metal bands from all over Indiana have converged on Indianapolis to remember the life and talent of a polished musician.

Daniel Jaffke, 30, was delivering a pizza to a south side apartment complex back in January, when he was robbed and murdered. The man accused, Shawn Wilson, 27, was arrested several days later.

The people who attended the event were paying tribute to Daniel Jaffke through music, which was his love. He, too, was an accomplished musician, so it comes as no surprise that was how they were remembering him.

“He lived music, 24/7,” said Kevin Gibson.

“We were long time band mates,” Derek Hanson.

The two of them were some of Jaffke’s best friends, for more than a dozen years. They wanted to be some of the first people to this event.

“As long as I’ve known him he was always an avid supporter of other bands, beside his own involvement in music with me and other groups as well over the years,” Hanson said.

That’s why he and everyone that came to 5th Quarter Lounge on the near south side wanted to come remember Daniel Jaffke. It meant a lot to his mother Donna and father Tom, who are still hurting.

“Sorta surprising, I tell ya, we never dreamed it was going to be anything like this. We knew he had a lot of people in to music, but, I’m just shocked,” said Tom Jaffke.

“I cry a lot, but, the fact that all of these people love my son and are helping us now, I just can’t imagine how bleak this all would have been without them,” said Donna Jaffke.

It’s musical therapy for those close to Daniel Jaffke.

Proceeds from the door and 20 percent from sales went directly to the Jaffke family. If you’d like to help the family, there is another opportunity. Family and friends say there will be another benefit for Jaffke Saturday, March 15 at Lizard’s Pub, 5002 E Madison Ave, Indianapolis. There’s also a candlelight vigil set for Sunday at 7pm at Craig Park. That’s located on E. Smith Valley Rd. near U.S. 31 in Greenwood.