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Warmer today, but still eyeing a couple of snow chances

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Wind Chill forecast

Highs this weekend will be near 60

Snow chances aren’t over with yet with two chances for what appears to be minor accumulations coming up over the next week.  There’s also a chance for some flurries or pellets in the overnight hours as a cold front slides through.

For today expect warmer and pleasant weather with highs in the mid to upper 50s.  Spring is clearly back for a few days as it looks like Saturday’s high will also be in the 50s.  While unlikely, a cold front sliding through overnight may bring a few sprinkles or flurries.  I am siding with sprinkles for right now as the surface should be warm enough to melt what little precipitation that falls before it reaches the surface.  The air mass as a whole will be extremely dry though so atmospheric cooling (wet bulb) temperature will likely remain near freezing.  This may be enough to overcome the warmth at the surface.


Snow set-up for Sunday night

The next chance for snow will be on Sunday night into Monday morning as the arctic jet and subtropical jet merge.  The moisture from the gulf will mix with the colder air up north to bring us another system with rain and storms in southern Kentucky and an overrunning event here at home.  The best chance for seeing both snow and ice as of this morning will be from Bloomington down to the Kentucky-Indiana state line.  Places from Indianapolis to the south will also have a chance for seeing some light snow and sleet.  It doesn’t look like we should expect to see roads impacted but our grass may turn white for a couple of hours.

If there is a potential big snow chance it would be next Wednesday into Thursday.  The chances look weak at this point, but cold air will filter in behind another potent cold front on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  In the wake of the frontal passage we will begin to see windy weather along with a favorable set-up for snow developing off and on for the next 36 hours.

Overall we likely won’t see much snow over the next week but there will be the possibility of at least seeing some flurries and even some minor accumulations.  Even if we did see a couple of hours of decent snow it won’t be sticking around for long.  Highs for most days over the next week will likely hit the 40s if not the 50s.