Victim speaks out about multiple thefts, lack of security at Carmel gym

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CARMEL — A popular gym for residents in Carmel and Zionsville is being hit by thieves again and again, causing one victim to speak out on the lack of security.

Mike Musolino was working out at the L.A. Fitness on 106th and Michigan last week, when he noticed his coat had gone missing from the locker room.

“I knew for sure, something was wrong,” Musolino said.

Someone had taken his jacket out of a gym locker, used the keys in his pocket and broken into his car int he parking lot.

“(They took) my phone, my wallet and they had also gotten into the glove box,” Musolino said.

Musolino said he takes responsibility for the fact that his jacket was not locked into a locker, but it’s what he learned from police that caused him to speak out.

“I was very surprised,” Musolino said.

He was surprised that the L.A. Fitness has no security cameras on its property, especially given the number of recent thefts.

On March 4, someone stole former Colts’ player Eric Foster’s AFC Championship ring out of his car in the very same parking lot. The next week, Carmel Police reported another four thefts.

Police said that having security cameras makes a big difference. In fact, a block away at the Speedway gas station, a camera recently helped police track down a robber.

“We would encourage companies, (that) obviously there’s an expense there, but if they have the opportunity to put video cameras up, I think that would deter crime,” said Carmel Police Lt. Joe Bickel.

An L.A. Fitness manager told Fox 59 that most of the company’s locations around Indianapolis also do not have cameras.

Corporate managers did not return calls or emails for comment Monday.

Musolino said he’ll be taking his business elsewhere and take better precautions in the future. He wants other customers to know what’s going on so they can protect themselves, too.

“I don’t want to be watching the news or pulling up current events, (and find) that something far worse had happened at their facility,” Musolino said.

Carmel Police are still investigating all of those thefts, including the theft of Foster’s Championship ring. If you have any information, contact them or CrimeStoppers at 317-262-TIPS.