Missing $250K at center of case involving husband-wife deputies

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HENDRICKS COUNTY (March 27, 2014) – A missing stash of $250,000 is behind the suspension and possible termination of a husband and wife deputy team in Hendricks County.

Jason and Teresa Woods face four department violations including conduct unbecoming. According to Sheriff Dave Galloway, the couple agreed to hold $250,000 for a friend. They were then told to meet someone to give the money back. Jason Woods said he made the exchange; the other person said he never received the money.

Criminal charges are being investigated by an outside agency. The incident occurred in Marion County in October 2013.

They’re accused of failing to report a crime they had knowledge of. Jason Woods has been with the department for 15 years and his wife Teresa has been there for about three years, Galloway said. They were suspended without pay on March 12.

The merit board heard evidence in the case Wednesday. The attorney for the Woods, John Kautzman, had asked for a continuance, but the board denied that request. Jason Woods submitted his retirement with the pension board, but Galloway said he and the merit board have jurisdiction over the pension board, so that request will likely be denied so Woods can face punishment.

The merit board did not make a final ruling Wednesday. Another hearing is set for May 13, when a final determination is expected. Galloway has recommended that both be fired.

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