Break from rain Friday, expected most of day Saturday

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All day rain turns to snow late before coming to an end

Rain is rolling out for now but will return tonight.  Overall Friday should be pleasant with highs slightly warmer than the 52 we hit yesterday.  Unlike Thursday, a bigger portion of your day will be pleasant with a little tip dip to start the day (may see temps heading down through 10a) before we rebound with highs most of the afternoon at or slightly higher than 50 degrees.

Winds today will be variable with morning winds coming in out of the northwest and afternoon winds gusting in from the southwest.  As we head into tonight the big concern is going to be the big rainmaker that will develop to our south.  If you’ve been reading our blogs throughout the week you have seen that we were worried about model data underplaying the size and scope of this system and now model data is coming around to our thinking.  It appears Saturday is going to be a wet one with rain and snow possible throughout the day.  Saturday highs will likely be hit at midnight with us seeing temps likely below 40 degrees for most of the “daylight” hours.  Saturday rain and snow will likely come to an end at around 8 p.m.  It will start as early as about 4 a.m.

The rest of the week is finally going to look like a spring forecast though with Sunday highs hitting 60 degrees.  Monday highs are expected to hit the mid to upper 60s and some communities will likely hit 70.  A cold front slides through on Tuesday and model data at this time is showing it coming through dry.  We will see.  Highs even on Tuesday will hit 50 degrees with highs near 60 for Wednesday and Thursday.  Enjoy your day!