Code enforcement working tonight to protect college basketball fans

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INDIANAPOLIS – College basketball fans from Louisville, Lexington, Tennessee, and Michigan are in Indianapolis for the Midwest Regional Sweet 16.

The Friday night games are sold out. More than 40,000 tickets were sold to people who wanted to watch the games at Lucas Oil Stadium. While many fans have tickets, there are some fans who are still searching for tickets.

The Department of Code Enforcement (DCE) encourages basketball fans to make sure they ask people, who they purchase tickets from, whether they are a licensed ticket broker and if they have a credential. DCE issued 20 credentials for this weekend’s regional tournament. Those licensed brokers will be selling their tickets more than 15% above face value. It is important for people to make sure they ask for the credential.

“That will allow citizen(s) to know that this is a reputable dealer -a dealer that’s licensed by the city and I can trust the tickets I’m going to purchase,” DCE Communications Director, Adam Baker said.

Baker said there is an area that has been identified as restricted. It is a large area around Lucas Oil Stadium and near the JW Marriott Hotel. In that restricted area, Baker said people can sell tickets, but they cannot sell them for more than 15% of the tickets face value.

“If you’re coming down and your idea is, ‘I’m going to come down and I’m going to capitalize on someone’s desperation’, don’t do it,” Baker said.

Jerry Grimmitt bought his ticket through the University of Tennessee because he knew there would not be any problems.

“I’m just afraid to come up here and buy tickets off the street. You don’t know what you are buying,” Grimmitt said.

Baker said code enforcement agents will be walking around downtown Indianapolis all weeked. Some of them will be undercover and some of them will not be undercover.

Baker said if someone is caught doing illegal business, they could be fined $2,500 and IMPD could confiscate their tickets.