Father winning fight to fix intersection in son’s honor

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NEW CASTLE — Less than two months after the death of his son, Allen Neal is winning the fight to fix the dangerous intersection where he lost his life.

Andrew Neal, 21, died in a February car accident at the intersection of County Road 103 and South State Road 300 in New Castle.

“I think about it every day,” Andrew’s father Allen Neal said.

It’s an intersection Neal knew all about, since he lives close enough to see it out his window.

“(Recently I’ve seen) more than ten wrecks out there … just on this stretch,” Neal said.

So, Neal decided to do something about it. He and his wife took a letter to the County Commissioners, along with a petition signed by hundreds of neighbors.

“Andrew is no longer here to speak for himself, but I am,” Neal read from that letter.

Much to his surprise, Neal got a quick answer. The Commissioner of the Indiana State Department of Transportation wrote to Neal and called him up personally.

“At least they were going to do something. I thought we were fighting a losing battle,” Neal said.

Neal took Fox 59 to the spot where changes are now being made. The state has installed large warning signs with yellow flashers, to warn drivers about the intersection. Workers also installed larger stop signs on 103 with written warnings that traffic does not stop.

Still, Neal is hoping that someday he can push to make the intersection even safer.

“They (could) put flashers … at the intersection,” Neal said.

For now, he’s taking comfort in the fact that his fight is working. He said that he hopes people who drive by the new signs will take notice.

“Hopefully they’ll see the light and slow down through here,” Neal said.

He also hopes that other families who see a dangerous intersection near them will speak out and push for change.

“(We’re) just honoring him,” Neal said of his son.

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