Google’s jokes for April Fools’ Day 2014

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(April 1, 2014)– Google has a long history of pranking people on April Fools’ Day.

This year is no exception. Several Google departments have come together to try and trick the masses. Click here to see a full list of Google’s antics. Our favorites are below.

Auto Awesome Photobombs 

The Google+ team has taken the “Auto Awesome” feature that adds effects automatically to photos to include photobombs. Want Hasslehoff to photobomb your photo? No problem.

Official cat keyboard

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a keyboard meant for cats! It is supposed to take cat input and translate it into english.

catkeyboard Roundup: All of Googles jokes for April Fools Day 2014

Nest total temperature control

Total Temperature Control lets every single passenger set their own temperature for an even more personalized flight. There are even presets like Cancun Afternoon and Chicago Polar Vortex.

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