Hoosier adults get second chance at education at non-traditional high schools

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 1, 2014) — As more Hoosier adults decide to hit the books again, a new bill has paved the way for adult high schools to expand.

Demetral Allen is one of thousands who are going back to school. She attends class at the Excel Center, run by Goodwill Industries.

“The folks that we have here are people who want to be here, are very excited and encouraged,” Director Joe White said.

The centers are charter schools, subject to regulation as with any other school. A bill signed last week by Gov. Mike Pence ended a temporary moratorium on establishing new schools, paving the way for expansion if approved.

“This gives them really targeted, intensive support so that they can get a diploma and earn a livable wage and be a contributing member in Indiana society,” said Claire Fiddian-Green, co-director of CECI .

Schools like the Excel Center are using a different model, too.

Allen and other students earn a full diploma, certifications and get one-on-one coaching to help them enter college or a career.

“It’s set me at a good place in my life,” Allen said.

In fact, Allen not only graduates this May, but her success also prompted her husband to sign up for the program and start school.

“He supported me throughout this year, so now that I’m about to finish he’s decided to come back,” Allen said.

For more information on the Excel Center and to find out if you qualify, visit the website here.