Did the winter wreck your roof? Central Indiana roofers swamped

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 1, 2014)– Roofing contractors are seeing an uptick in business as the weather warms up and homeowners start to notice damage the harsh winter left behind.

Jim Lahr is the owner of J P Lahr & Sons Roofing Service. His grandfather started the business in 1934 and this might be the busiest the company has been since day one.

“This has been a record breaking winter!” said Jim Lahr.

It’s been record-breaking when it comes to the weather and to business. In the thick of it, Lahr saw mostly damage from ice dams, which is when water freezes under shingles, causing massive problems outside and inside homes.

Now that we’re thawing out, it’s time to see what Old Man Winter left, but it’s not always easy to see.

“It’s the quandary the homeowner is in,” said Lahr. “It’s not anything that can be visible from the ground. That’s when you have to get a local contractor involved to do inspections and most of the reputable guys will do free inspections.”

On your own, you can look for missing shingles, fallen tree limbs and water stains starting to form down your walls. Also check out your gutters, skylights and chimney.

Some people are capable, but it’s not recommended you try to do roof work on your own.

“There may be problems that people have this year that they may not have again for 15 or 20 years and potential clients, I let them know that there are things they may want to live with just because of the expense involved and the repairs.”

Tree trimmers are also swamped right now, removing deadwood, broken limbs and trees damaged by heavy snow.

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