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Doctors find more eyes struggling to stay strong in a digital world

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In this ever-growing digital world many of us can’t get away from our gadgets. As a result our eyes are struggling to keep up with the times.

A new study by the Vision Council revealed nearly 70 percent of U.S. adults experience some form of digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices. Adults
aged 18 to 34 report feeling eye strain at a higher rate. Local Ophthalmologist, Dr. Erik Barrett says he’s noticed the growing trend of patients coming in with fatigued eyes.

“So many folks are on their smart phones, on their tables on their PC’s doing 8-10 hours of computer work a day.
The problem is the eyes just weren’t made to work on computers 8-10 hours a day. They get tire, get fatigued, the print is small and we have glare coming off the computer screens,” said Dr. Erik Barrett of Barrett Eye Care.

For many people they can’t avoid computer monitors, it’s their job. So for those people doctors suggest the ‘20,20,20’ rule.

“When you’re working on the computer every 20 minutes or so take a short 20 second break and when you do that just stare off in the distance maybe 20 feet away to give those eyes breaks,” said Dr. Barrett.

Signs of digital eye strain include discomfort following two or more hours in front of a screen. Susan Shaffer says she knows that feeling too well. She finds herself online for hours catching up with family via social media and checking email.

“I noticed that I have a lot more eye strain. My eyes will hurt after a long period of time being on there. My vision will be kind of blurry and then later
I’ll notice I have a headache and it’s like oh it’s from just doing that and being so intent looking at that I begin to strain,” said Shaffer.

Doctors also suggest keeping your monitor at arm’s length in front of you. And if you think you could be suffering from digital eye strain make an appointment with your eye doctor to make sure  you’re using the proper prescription or get glasses if you don’t already wear them.

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