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CAN’T MISS | Bridge collapse leaves prom goers soaked

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PIERCE, Neb. (April 10, 2014) – Some Nebraska high schoolers will never forget their prom photos.

The group of 22 students had pictures taken at a home before the prom at Pierce High School. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

“They decided to come and get a picture on a couple of the bridges here and they didn’t opt for the more sturdy one and they got 21 or 22 of them on this back one and it turned out to be a little too much weight,” said Andy White, the homeowner whose daughter was among the students.

The weight was simply too much—and the group took a dip in a 4-foot pond after the bridge collapsed.

“The first thing I thought about when I went into the water was, ‘Oh, my gosh, everyone is going to be so mad at me,” said senior Alisha White. “This is my fault ‘cause I planned this and that made me super upset.”

Other than a few scrapes, wet tuxedos and dresses and general embarrassment, the group ended up just fine. They were already the talk of the town when the prom arrived—and then the story exploded on social media.

“And within two minutes I had 35 retweets from just my regular followers,” said Lane Rohrich, whose pictures made a splash on Twitter. “Then I took a nap to recuperate from prom. By two hours later I had 3,000 retweets and now we are up to 40,000 retweets and favorites and we are still moving up.”

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