Madison, Ind., soldier among Fort Hood heroes

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(April 10, 2014) – A Madison, Ind., soldier was among the heroes during last week’s fatal shooting at Fort Hood.

PFC Jacob Sanders is stationed there. When the shooter, Ivan Lopez, opened fire on April 2, Sanders was standing just five feet away from him.

“He came in, Jacob’s sergeant, Sergeant Owens, or they called him Sergeant ‘O,’ was in front of Jacob. Lopez came in, brandished his weapon. He tried to talk him down and get him to put the weapon down, and he shot Sgt. Owens and then left the building,” said Sander’s father, Greg Sanders.

His son immediately performed CPR after Lopez shot Owens.

“Jacob, with his medic training, immediately got on top of Sgt. Owens and started administering CPR until the paramedics arrived,” Greg Sanders said.

Owens later died from his injuries and was one of three people killed in the mass shooting. Sixteen others were wounded.

As soon as Sanders’ parents heard what happened at Fort Hood, they immediately sent text messages asking if he was alright. He texted back, “I watched my sergeant die. I love you. I’m okay.”

Jacob Sanders is a 2011 graduate of Shawe Memorial High School. He joined the Army the next year.

“The way he reacted when put in that situation makes me proud of who he’s become and who he is,” his father said. “But, still, as a father, you are concerned about your child and that their emotional state is in good condition.”

Greg Sanders hopes his son takes advantage of counseling being offered in the wake of the shooting. He and his wife plant to visit Jacob at Fort Hood this weekend.

President Obama attended a memorial service at Fort Hood on Wednesday.

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