Court docs: Suspects in Noblesville burglaries sold stolen goods for heroin

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NOBLESVILLE – Two people face charges in connection to two home burglaries in Noblesville, and court documents show heroin was the alleged motivation for those crimes.

The plot by John Eldred and Kristen Cebada appeared to start last week. Investigators believe Eldred broke into homes and stole jewelry while his girlfriend would pawn it off to buy heroin.

The homes burglarized are located in Noblesville’s historic district, just a stone’s throw from downtown.

The thought of a heroin-motivated heist is surprising and shocking for a resident who spoke to FOX59 Wednesday evening.

“With the drug part, it’s really mind-blowing that there’s actually drugs in this area,” said Shannon Monroe, who lives nearby.

Investigators believe Eldred hit a home on Maple Avenue last Tuesday. The homeowner there told FOX59 the burglar came in through a back door and took only jewelry.

Then on April 15, there was another break-in, just a few streets over on Logan Street. This time the homeowner found the front door open, and again, jewelry was missing.

Noblesville police believe Cebada pawned the jewelry at the Noblesville Gold and Coin Shop downtown. According to court documents, she admitted to police she’d pawned jewelry she knew was stolen at least three times in a one-month period.

She also told authorities both she and Eldred were addicts who needed money for more heroin.

The arrests come as there’s been an uptick in home burglaries in Noblesville.

Police told FOX59 last year at this time there were 22 break-ins. This year, they’ve worked 32. Investigators said some of the more recent ones occurred during the daytime, with crooks looking for items they can pick up quickly.

Eldred faces burglary and theft charges, while Cebada is charged with receiving stolen property.

Noblesville Police told FOX59 the investigation is ongoing, and it’s possible the two may be linked to other crimes.

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