Ranking the country’s best and worst jobs

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(April 16, 2014) – Being good at math can pay off, according to jobs website CareerCast.

The site ranked 200 jobs from best to worst, with mathematician emerging at the top job. Analysts say the market for mathematicians is growing quickly, with the median salary at more than $100,000.

Tenured university professor, statistician, actuary and audiologist round out the top five jobs.

And the worst?

According to the website, the worst profession of the year is being a lumberjack. The work is dangerous, the pay is low and new technology is diminishing the need for them.

Rounding out the bottom five are newspaper reporter, military personnel, taxi driver and broadcaster. In each of those cases, the jobs are high stress and pay is low.

Visit CareerCast for the complete list of rankings.

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