Butler releases statement on alleged sexual assault following student rally

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 17, 2014)—Butler University officials released a statement Thursday following a protest of students who are calling for a change in the way the university investigates sexual assaults.

The conversation about rape culture ignited after a Butler student known as “Eliza Quincey” wrote a blog about the night she says she was raped. She accused the university of “sweeping it under the rug” after the case went on for months.

In a statement released Thursday evening, the university said the alleged assault occurred on Dec. 7 and was reported to the Butler University Police Department the next day.

“The case was investigated by a Butler University Police Department (BUPD) detective with 27 years of law enforcement experience, including more than 3 years with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Sex Crimes Unit prior to joining BUPD,” read the statement in part.

Butler officials said the victim was encouraged to seek medical attention and a sexual assault examination. They said there was a rumor that the sexual assault medical evidence kit was lost, but officials said that is not true.

“An audit of all cases involving BUPD shows that no kits have been ‘lost’ and all remain in the possession of the Marion County Forensic Services Agency in secured cold storage at the IMPD property room,” read the statement.

University officials said they are confident in the way the investigation was handled and “believes that the facts and evidence were fairly and accurately presented to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, which has declined to file charges at this time.”

The male student accused of the sexual assault is no longer enrolled at the university.

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