CAN’T MISS | Over-the-top ‘promposal’ makes date think she’s under arrest

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LA PORTE, Texas (April 17, 2014) – A Texas teenager pulled out all stops for a recent ‘promposal’—even making his desired date think she was being arrested.

Andrea Rojas was driving with her boyfriend, Johnny Morales, when police pulled them over. She started panicking and crying, thinking she was in serious trouble.

“I didn’t have my license. It wasn’t my car,” Rojas said. “They told me I was speeding, and I had a tail light out. So I was thinking they are going to give me multiple tickets.”

After being asked to get out of her car, Rojas found a trunk full of balloons with a sign asking her to prom.

The whole thing was a setup by Morales, who’d convinced a pair of La Porte police officers to help him pull off the stunt.

Even though Rojas was in hysterics, she accepted Morales’ promposal.

Morales said he couldn’t have done it without help from the two police officers.