Did you know you can’t get your GED in Indiana anymore?

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NORTH SIDE — Telling someone you’re “getting a GED” isn’t true in the state of Indiana anymore.

The GED is actually a company – not just a test – and in January, Indiana stopped using the company for its high school equivalency testing.

Students now take the TASC test, administered by McGraw-Hill. That’s the same company that administers the statewide ISTEP exam.

“It’s been the GED for all these years,” said Washington Township Adult Education Director Todd DeLey.

DeLey contends, breaking us all of the GED habit won’t be easy. Still, the state decided to switch tests after costs got higher and changes were made to the old test.

The new high school equivalency focuses more on career readiness, job training and skills-based learning. It’s considered harder, but so far DeLey said there’s not much change in the number of students passing.

“We’re just working (on) a system right now and just ironing out some of the kinks,” DeLey said.

Student Avery Patterson found out about the change when he enrolled, seeking out a slower pace with more one-on-one help after he struggled to complete traditional high school.

“Everything thinks it’s the GED and says it’s the GED. No one knows it’s different now,” Patterson said.

Still, the basic breakdown of the test is the same and your high school equivalency will do the same, if not more, for you as you enter the workforce or college.

If you’d like to find an adult education program to get your high school equivalency, visit the Department of Workforce Development’s website here.