Hoosier Heroes: Organization helps Indiana vets find jobs, new skills

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INDIANAPOLIS – A local organization is helping our veterans get back to work in a rather interesting way.

They’re using art to teach them new skills, and now you have a chance to help them out.

It’s called Veterans Antiquities, and it’s an organization that actually hires local veterans for various projects, and also tries to help them find full-time work.

“A lot of people, that’s all they know coming out of the Army, that’s all they know,” said Iraq veteran Terrence Todd, who just started participating in the program. “Between the choices of college and the workforce, I’m just at a standstill, trying to figure out exactly what it is I want to.”

Founded by two disabled Vietnam veterans, they do it all to help other veterans – making all kinds of arts and crafts, even things like shelves and doghouses.

“We have young veterans that work for us (and) we have older disabled veterans,” said co-founder Chuck Mack.

“A lot of them are diagnosed with PTSD and things they don’t even know they have,” said co-founder Jeff Piper.

“For me, it’s helped a lot with my depression,” said Vietnam veteran Earl Jeffries. “I can come here a few days a week, I can build stuff or help run the store.”

“I’m very thankful,” said Vietnam vet Robert Allen. “It’s a big help, a great big help.”

“We can start them out with a simple thing like a birdhouse, next thing you know they’re doing shipping and receiving,” said Piper. “Then we’ll get another vet through and by then, this guy has finished something he’s really proud of.”

The organization held a fundraiser Thursday night at their store on East 46th Street. You can help out and learn more about their program on the Veterans Antiquities web site.