Knightstown High School on lockdown Thursday after ‘suspicious activity’

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KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. (April 16, 2014) — Students and teachers at Knightstown High School are encountering some extra security Thursday morning.

The principal of Knightstown High School announced on Twitter Wednesday night that the school would be placed on an external lockdown after suspicious activity was discovered on campus Wednesday.

The Knightstown Police Department, Indiana State Police and the Henry County Sheriff’s Department were present at the school Thursday. Additionally, all students and staff were instructed to enter through the west doors.

“We have sent out an all call to parents and expanded that due to some suspicious activity today we want to play it safe and take certain steps to ensure that we are,” wrote Ritchie in an email to FOX59.

A student told Fox59 that most students were being searched as they entered the building Thursday morning. He said backpacks and bags were searched and students were patted down. The student, who wanted to remain anonymous, also said he refused the pat down and was told to leave the building. The principal told him he would need to use an excused absence.

Other parents posted on Facebook that they would just not send their students to school Thursday.

Sources also told Fox59 the suspicious incident was a message written in the bathroom discovered late in the day Wednesday that included a threat about bringing a gun to school.

The principal sent out the following tweets Wednesday night: