Police: Anderson mom arrested after bringing loaded Glock to school

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ANDERSON (April 17, 2014) – Police arrested an Anderson mother who brought a loaded Glock to school Wednesday morning, slamming it down in front of administrators to prove a point.

Around 9 a.m. Wednesday, Bonnie Trahan, 27, was arrested in the parking lot of Saint Mary’s School, 1115 Pearl St., Anderson, on a charge of possession of a firearm on school property, a class D felony.

Police said Trahan brought the handgun to school while meeting with the principal and assistant principal. She was upset with how the school was handling an incident involving her 8-year-old son and another student. Trahan felt her son wasn’t safe at school. In order to prove her point, police said, she brought the gun to the meeting.

While the meeting was taking place, Trahan told the administrators that she was carrying a gun. She then pointed to her back pocket and told them how easy it was to get a gun into the school, taking the holstered firearm from her pocket and throwing it down on the table. Her son and her brother were also at the meeting.

Trahan then picked up the gun, walked down the hallway and left. Administrators called for a lockdown and contacted Anderson police, who arrested Trahan in the school parking lot.

Police said Trahan had already gone home and secured the weapon. She took officers to her house and showed them where she kept the handgun. Police confiscated the firearm, and Trahan was taken to the Madison County Detention Center.