Police: Inmate attacked jail deputy with hot Ramen noodles

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INDIANAPOLIS (April 17, 2014) – A Marion County Jail inmate faces battery and disorderly conduct charges after police say she threw a bowl of hot Ramen noodles in a deputy’s face.

According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the deputy was checking to make sure inmates had taken their medicine when one of the inmates, Monique Cooley, became belligerent. Cooley swore at the deputy and berated her for asking if she’d swallowed her pills.

While Cooley was “loudly banging and yelling” about the med checks, the deputy ordered her to pack her belongings and leave the cell block.

Instead of obeying the order, the report said, Cooley threatened the deputy and refused to leave. She eventually exited the cell block with a bowl of Ramen noodles filled with extremely hot water. Police said Cooley threw the noodles and hot water at the deputy, hitting her in the face and head.

Other deputies were called to assist the deputy due to Cooley’s “boisterous and disruptive behavior.” The deputy complained of “pain and discomfort” after being hit with the Ramen noodles.