Students demand change in way Butler investigates sexual assaults

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 17, 2014)– Butler University students rallied around one of their own, bringing awareness to sexual assaults on college campuses.

The conversation about rape culture ignited after a Butler student known as “Eliza Qunicy” wrote a blog about the night she says she was raped. She accused the university of “sweeping it under the rug” after the case went on for months.

The Marion County prosecutor decided not to file charges against Eliza’s alleged rapist after they said there wasn’t enough evidence.

“I think what we do know, and we want to stand with her,” said Butler University gender studies director, Ageeth Sluis. “She seems to be hurt by the process. The process seems to be flawed not only at Butler but on many campuses.”

Faculty from the gender studies department say they want students to be better educated about not only consent and rape but what to do if they become victims of sexual violence.

“We want to see this issue address at Butler and beyond Butler. We want to see this culture of silence that a lot of university administrations are afraid of being deemed the institution where rape is a problem,” said Sluis

Butler University President James M. Danko released a statement this week to students acknowledging this issue on many college campuses and his willingness to work on it at Butler.

“This summer I will create a presidential commission of Butler students faculty and staff that will build upon these efforts to develop a plan to stop sexual violence at our university,” said Danko.

Butler released a statement on the alleged sexual assault following the student rally. Read their statement here