Good Samaritans honored for aiding collapsed Fishers basketball player

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FISHERS – Good Samaritans were honored Monday evening for helping save a 12-year-old Fishers boy whose heart stopped during a basketball game.

In February, Fishers Junior High School student Joel Tsetse collapsed in the middle of a basketball game. Doctor’s report he had gone into a lethal heart rhythm known as ventricular fibrillation.

“I saw him drop and I knew he was in trouble,” said Tom Fettinger. Within seconds, he, Kristin Eiteljorge, Dama Fettinger and Dr. Jason Hollingsworth jumped into action coming to Tsetse’s aid.

“You just do what you gotta do. There’s no pulse so you start CPR,” said Eiteljorge.

In those terrifying moments, Fishers Police Sgt. Troy Fettinger ran to his police vehicle and grabbed an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). One shock and Tsetse’s heart was beating again. All of this happened as the student’s father looked on in horror.

“It was tough. There was nothing I could do,” said David Tsetse.

Now he and his family are forever grateful for what these strangers did for his son. “Major relief and a lot of appreciation for the work that was done by the team.”

“Everybody was there for a reason that day,” added Fettinger.

All four Good Samaritans received a Fishers Hero Award.

Joel Tsetse is doing better, but his heart is being monitored closely. For the last several years, the Fishers Police Department has provided each officer with an AED as part of their standard issued equipment.

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