Overdo it on the Easter candy? Time to burn off those calories!

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(April 21, 2014) – Did you overdo it on the Easter candy?

Time to make up for it by working off those calories.

To work off one Cadbury crème egg, you’ll need to play a 30-minute game of doubles tennis.

Maybe Peeps are your weakness. Just 20 minutes of rowing will burn off the calories for a handful of them.

Have a chocolate-covered Peep? You’ll need to do a little bit more—you’ll have to power-walk for half an hour for each one you ate!

A 25-minute workout will burn off 20 Lifesavers Gummies Bunnies.

And if you had a Russell Stover solid milk chocolate egg, you’ll need a 30-minute bike ride to burn off those calories.

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