Task force prepares to protect Hoosiers during severe weather

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DELAWARE COUNTY – The Indiana District 6 Medical Task Force is prepared to help Hoosiers, if severe weather impacts our area.

The team voluntarily activated itself in order to be prepared in case they are needed. They have 5 ambulances on standby as well as 13 members. The members have been instructed to pack personal items that should last them 24 hours to 72 hours.

“Because people’s livelihood truly depends on you at that time, if you can’t function as a responder then they can’t function at their own personal level,” Larry Crouse said.

Crouse is a team leader. The task force decided to put equipment and people on standby after tornadoes rolled through several states on Sunday. More than 12 people were killed.

“My heart goes out to those people. I’ve never had to live through it,” Wayne Loudy said.

Loudy is the EMS commander for the task force. If state officials contact the Indiana District 6 Medical Task Force to respond to an emergency, then they said they could be ready to go within an hour.

“We never want to use it (this equipment), but if it’s…you know…but if we’re called up (then) we’ll be right there. We’re ready to use (our equipment),” Loudy said.

The Indiana District 6 Medical Task Force has assisted after other major emergencies. They headed east to help, after Hurricane Sandy. They also provided support after the Henryville, IN tornadoes.

“Many times we walk into places (where) their world has been flipped upside down,” Crouse said.

The team’s coverage area is 13 counties in Indiana. It includes Delaware, Madison and Howard counties. The team can assist other counties in our state too, as well as help other states when it is requested.

“We just do it because we enjoy helping people,” Loudy said.