Police make arrests in attacks, muggings of elderly women

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 29, 2014)— Police have arrested two people in connection with the robberies of at least four elderly women.

jones suspects

Mark Jones (left) and Lindsey Jones (right)

Mark Jones, 47, was arrested on charges of theft and robbery. Lindsey Jones, 27, was arrested for credit card fraud and theft.

FOX59 first told you about victim JoAnn Green, a deaf 76-year-old woman who was attacked and mugged in her own driveway. Green said she thought the man was asking for directions, but instead, he grabbed her purse and began dragging her down the driveway.

One week after the attack, Green’s stitches are off and the swelling on her face is gone. Her spirit, though, never faltered.

“I’m surprised I wasn’t hurt much worse,” Green chuckled. “Hardly it. I can’t feel unsafe. I don’t know why.”

Additional victims came forward and reported similar accounts, describing a white vehicle the suspects were in. Police believe the victims were targeted.

Detectives were able to find the suspect’s vehicle after receiving a tip. Police said the pair was arrested after stealing a purse in the parking lot of MCL Cafeteria in the 6600 block of E. 10th Street Monday.

Green hopes the two will stay in jail.

“The sentences should be very stiff. Not because of what happened to me, but people who try to prey on the helpless.”

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