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Cooler and cloudy through Friday

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Small Regional Radar

Cooler air will move in this morning with cloudy skies

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine we have seen over the past two days because we won’t be seeing much of it to end our week.  The pesky upper low, which has been a big player in the nasty tornado weather of the last couple of days, will slide over us beginning Wednesday.  The low will bring heavy cloud cover, cooler temps, and a small chance for rain in the form of drizzle through at least Friday.

With the thick cloud deck on top of us and thickness levels falling, our high temperatures will be a couple of degrees below the 30-year average for the state.  Highs today should remain near 60 degrees with the potential for highs in just the 50s for Thursday and Friday.

Wind Chill forecast

Highs will be about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Tuesday, there were nine tornado reports with most of them coming in North Carolina.  There was a tornado reported in Illinois as well.  This number is down from the 94 tornado reports from Monday.  After three straight days of moderate risks across the country, we only have a slight risk of storms Wednesday for the east coast with winds being the main concern.  This area is not expected to see any severe weather.

While Indiana will be cloudy through Friday, things begin to warm up over the weekend with highs hitting the mid-60s on Saturday and being near 70 on Sunday.  There will be a small chance of a scattered shower here or there on Sunday with partly cloudy skies. Sunday is also the day where we have the least confidence what highs will be due to timing issues with a warm front lifting through.  The temperature spread on Sunday could approach 20 degrees from Kokomo down to Bloomington.