CAN’T MISS | Boy, 9, faces blindess with ‘bucket list’ of sights

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DALLAS, Texas (May 1, 2014) – Ben Pierce is in a race against the clock.

The 9-year-old was born prematurely—and his eyelids were fused shut from birth. Doctors repeatedly told his parents he wouldn’t make it.

Flash forward nearly a decade and Ben is healthy, except for his eyes. Eye surgery left him with scar tissue, but each time he has a growth spurt, the scar tissue won’t stretch. Eventually, he won’t be able to see anything at all.

“I just don’t want to be blind,” he said through tears. He’s been practicing with a walking stick and his parents are encouraging him to learn Braille. Ben loves to read, even though it takes just the right light and a magnifying glass at times.

Doctors suggested giving Ben as many visual memories as possible. He and his family have come up with a “bucket list” of sorts filled with things he’d like to see before his vision goes away completely.

Ben’s Wish List is full of sights from all over the world, from the Northern Lights to Big Ben. It includes Paris, London, Egypt’s pyramids, Albuquerque, redwood forests, surfing, snorkeling, Harry Potter World and even the Apple Store.

Ben is one of six children. His brothers and sisters know checking sights off Ben’s Wish List will take financial savvy and creativity from the whole family. They’ve started a fundraising effort, making homemade truffles and bread to sell to anyone who will buy them.

The family knows time is running out—and they want to help Ben see as much as he can before the world goes dark once and for all.


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