Large crowds expected downtown during busy weekend

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INDIANAPOLIS – Visit Indy expects a large amount of people to spend time downtown this weekend.

More than 60,000 people will visit Indianapolis because of the Mini-Marathon or to watch the Pacers playoff game, or to participate in one of 5 conventions.

“There’s just so many people here from so many places. I like to run with lots of people,” Andi Matney said.

Visit Indy Vice President of Marketing & Communications Chris Gahl said these visitors should total about a $31 million dollar economic impact.

“The city is going to be buzzing. It’s going to be alive with different types of events,” Gahl said.

Last weekend, 75,000 people participated in the NRA convention and spent $55 million dollars.

“Really exciting to see the downtown (area can) be able to handle these events at the same time within a pretty short small proximity space, but we can do it,” Gahl said.

IMPD and public safety personnel will be monitoring the events downtown.

“We’re accustomed (to) putting on large events of this scale. We (have) an operational plan as well as a security plan that’s already in place and it (has) been worked on and perfected over the years,” IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams said.

The department has tweaked their plan every year. Visitors are reminded to look out for themselves too.

“One of the biggest issues we have typically during this time (is) when someone will put a laptop or GPS device or cell phone and leave it on the front seat,” Sgt. Adams said.

Sgt. Adams said people need to remember to be patient this weekend.

“These events are low-key. We have all these people all this big attention (and) very rarely do we have anything of serious magnitude that would require all of our resource to come downtown,” Sgt. Adams said.

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