Police pursuit leads to crash when gun-toting felon takes off

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INDIANAPOLIS – Flashing police lights and three banged up cars was the end result of a street battle IMPD has vowed to fight head on, felons with guns.

“We saw this van coming down the street at an alarming speed. So I look and soon as I look it hit the car,” said James Ingram.

A 32-year-old man driving a van crashed into Ingram’s and another mans car when he was trying to get away from police. It happened Friday afternoon on 9th street on the city’s east side.

Officers tried to pull the man over for suspicious activity.

“The car stopped. The gentleman inside the car was very frigidly reaching in between the seats which made the officer a little nervous.  The driver refused to show his other hand to the officer as the officer approached the car. The car took off,” said IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey.

The driver is a multiple time convicted felon. The man had marijuana, pills and a gun in the car. He threw the gun out of the window before police tracked him down.

The issue of gun-toting felons has gone all the way up the ladder. FBI director James Comey was in town earlier this week and he touched on this very topic.

“I’ve done a lot of gun enforcement work in my career. I believe its essential to be aggressive to separate the felon and the drug dealer from the firearm,” said Comey.

IMPD says they’ll continue to encounter these felons and repeat offenders, especially through traffic stops.

“Our officers will use that tactic, traffic stops to try to interdict criminals and their contraband going to and from locations. That’s part of our mission that’s what the chief wants us to do and that’s part of what the city expects and pays us to do,” said Lt. Bailey.

No one was hurt in this incident. The owners of the cars involved are just hoping the convicted felon had insurance to cover their damages.

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