The Simpsons get Lego-fied

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(May 2, 2014) – This Sunday marks the Simpsons’ 550th episode, and to celebrate the milestone everything in Springfield is made entirely of Lego!

The episode was two years in the making — and went into production long before “The Lego Movie” was on anyone’s radar.

“I was nervous about the movie, that it was going to be too similar or redundant,” says executive producer Matt Selman, who notes some common themes between the movie and the episode. “On watching both of them, I feel it’s a complementary story and they kind of go hand in hand rather than being contradictory.”

The upcoming episode, dubbed “The Simpsons’ Lego Spectacular,” finds Homer Simpson torn between two alternate realities: the Lego one and the 2D, hand-drawn one.

When Homer gets his hands on a magical board game named Perky Patty Princess Shop, it reveals to Homer the 2D world, and he embarks on an adventure to fix the blocked-up Springfield.

The Simpsons recently hit a ratings low, but it’s possible the Lego theme could help. “The Lego Movie” was a huge blockbuster hit, grossing $452 million worldwide and receiving rave reviews.

The episode, “Brick Like Me,” will air May 4 at 8p.m. on Fox.

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