Do you have a Mother’s Day gift yet? Here’s some last-minute ideas

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Mother’s Day is almost here! Do you have a gift yet?

“I sent her flowers,” said shopper Greg Carlson. “They’ll be getting there on Thursday, and this was decided a couple weeks ago.”

Carlson is confident in his gift choice for his mom. He has also pre-planned ahead of time, which is rare. For those who haven’t decided, what do moms really want?

Here are some of the more popular gifts from Retail Me Not: 18 percent of moms would like a trip to the spa, while 15 percent would prefer a nice meal out. A gift certificate is the perfect gift for 14 percent of moms.

Retail experts say 30 percent of moms would be most excited to simply spend Mother’s Day with their family. Of course, that doesn’t really help the gift givers who are trying to decide. Here’s some advice from one mom that will serve you well for future gift ideas.

“I think it’s a good idea to keep an ongoing list. It’s good because then you have the ideas that come into your head throughout the year,” said mom Kim Fine. “And for me personally, I like gifts that will help me update my house.”

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans think mothers return their Mother’s Day gifts in exchange for something else. And most moms do, at least on occasion. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless of course the moms had asked for the gift specifically! We found one husband and wife who know that scenario very well.

“I bought her a Mother’s Day gift probably four years ago that’s she never used,” said husband Michael Shelton. “She wanted it so badly. She never used it. It was a sewing machine.”

“I should use the sewing machine he bought me, and this summer I will, nearly five years later,” laughed Detra Shelton. “I swear!”

Whether you keep the gift or not, what’s the average amount a person spends on Mother’s Day? It’s about $65.

Only 60 percent of moms think they should get something for Mother’s Day. But let’s be honest, do you really want to risk not getting her something?

Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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