Family demanding answers after loved one’s headstone is moved

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INDIANAPOLIS (May 13, 2014) — A family is outraged after their loved one’s headstone was moved without them being notified.

Eureka Harris, 29, lost her battle to breast cancer nine years ago Tuesday. Her family makes it a tradition to visit her grave on Mother’s Day every year. On Sunday, they were shocked to find the headstone was dug out of the ground and moved a few feet away.

It left the family wondering if her casket was moved as well.

“Not only is [the headstone moved], it’s facing the street. Nobody’s is facing the street but hers,” said Monica Lee, Harris’ younger sister. “It’s very disrespectful. If they did that to her, how many others did they do that to? You’re just picking up a scab and opening up the wound again.”

New Crown Cemetery tells FOX59 no loved ones were moved, but Harris’ headstone was dug out while new graves were being buried around the area. It’s investigating why it was not put back to its original mark.

The director said digging out headstones is a common business practice. Families are generally asked to sign a clause allowing staff to temporarily do so if they need to.

Lee believes her family should have been notified out of respect.

“I don’t care if it [was moved] next door, the principle is you did not contact us. I feel like that was very disrespectful — not only to us, but to our sister as well.”

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