Hoosiers getting extra help with repairs as crews work to fill potholes

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MUNCIE – Eighty-one people who filed claims with the city after a pothole damaged their car are expected to receive a refund.

Mayor Dennis Tyler decided to use money from the general fund to pay people back for any repairs they paid using their own money. Forty-five people’s claims were accepted because they had receipts. The city has issued a total of about $13,000 so far. They are prepared to pay for the rest of the claims, but they need invoices and other documents from those Hoosiers before they can do that.

“It’s not your fault that this happened to our streets. It’s not our fault, but if we can make this right than I think we here are obligated to make this right,” Mayor Tyler said.

Mayor Tyler said this year’s brutal winter caused major problems for everyone -not just in Muncie.

“Almost overnight it just became extremely destructive with extremely freezing weather and thawing and rain…and snow,” Mayor Tyler said.

Kristi Fierce filed a claim for $162.60 because she needed to purchase a new tire thanks to a pothole.

“I was on my way to work and I hit a (pothole) and my tire blew,” Fierce said.

Fierce said after she bought a new tire, she was even more careful driving around town.

“I drove a lot slower and yeah there (were) a lot….(there) still are a lot of potholes (in Muncie),” Fierce said.

Fierce said she was surprised when she received a check from the city in the mail for her claim.

“I came out even,” Fierce said.

The city is not accepting additional claims for this winter, but plan to pay back everyone for the claims they received -as long as they are given a receipt.

“Everybody will tell you, it’s the worst winter they can remember in memory,” Mayor Tyler said.

Mayor Tyler said their crews are working around the clock to patch potholes.

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