Seeing a funnel cloud? It may be a cold air funnel

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 16, 2014)– Weather conditions in central Indiana Friday could cause cold air funnels to develop, said the National Weather Service.

Cold air funnels form in thunderstorm conditions and in large-scale low pressure systems. They are not considered to be as violent as funnels associated with warm and humid conditions.

According to the NWS, cold air funnels protrude a few hundred feet downward from the parent clouds and rotate a few minutes before dissipating. In the event the funnels reach the ground, only minor damage is expected.

Scattered showers are expected across central Indiana Friday. Morning storms brought periods of heavy rainfall and hail. FOX59 viewers sent in the following photos of hail in their area. Send us your storm and cold air funnel photos by uploading them below:

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