Texting while driving is not only dangerous and illegal, it’s also annoying

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(May 16, 2014) – Texting while driving is not only dangerous and illegal in 43 states and Washington, D.C., it’s also annoying for other drivers.

A new survey shows 7 in 10 American drivers rate their fellow drivers who text, e-mail or talk on a phone while driving as among the most aggravating motorists on the road.

However, more than half of drivers admit to using a cellphone at least some of the time while driving.

“There’s a belief out there that everybody is the problem except me, when actually you, in fact, are the problem,” says Sarah Gavin, an Expedia travel expert. “There’s a belief that if you’re on the road traveling, one little text won’t hurt that much. But when you have 30 million people out on the road and each of them wants to send just one little text, that’s when (crashes) happen.”

Among the other behaviors of their fellow motorists that drivers find highly annoying: tailgating, multi-tasking (applying makeup, eating, reading, for example), straddling or weaving between lanes and driving well below the speed limit.

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