Unusual mid-May weather, cold-air funnels, small hail and March-like temps

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Cold, low pressure system churns overhead Friday afternoon.  The combination of chilly air vs. May sunshine produces a ‘measles’ effect on the radar.  Showers become more numerous during the daytime hours activated by the May sunshine.

2.58″ of rain has fallen the past 6 days officially in the city.  Spring 2014 rainfall now a shade above normal with total 10.39″

Tower Cam

A heavy downpour approaches downtown Indianapolis just before 4:30 PM Friday


Cold low pressure hangs over central Indiana Friday afternoon


March level cool over Indiana again Friday



Numerous reports of small hail thought central Indiana Friday.  The brighter red returns on the radar at 4:30 PM showed where hail was occurring .  .70″ hail was reported on the northwest side of the city at Geist reservoir.

Lightning Tracker

Pockets of heavy rain and small hail Friday afternoon

Kelly Roney – sheridan

Kelly Roney – Sheridan


Freezing temperatures are only 1 mile up so any vigorous rain showers or thunderstorms that develop can easily produce some brief, small hail. A few storms that develop in this unusually cool air can briefly spin up funnels known as ‘cold air funnels’.  Common in late spring and early fall when these cold lows arrive, these are typically harmless rotations that protrude from the parent storm base.  The formation of these funnels is not as violent as warm day storms that produce the typical funnels that spawn tornadoes.  Most cold air funnels are brief but in an extreme occasion some can touch the ground. In October 1998 I experienced one dipping across a golf course in Danville. It was quick, stirring up the leaves and branches before dissipating quickly–much like my golf game.

Cold Air Funnel

Small rotations in this cool weather know as ‘cold air funnels’ may develop Friday


Temperatures are once again at March-like levels, running a full 21 degrees below the normal high of 73°.  Cold air overnight could bring some patchy frost to the outlying areas as lows dip into the upper 30s Saturday morning for the coldest morning here since April 23.  A frost advisory was hoisted over northern Indiana late Friday afternoon from 12 Am to 8 AM Saturday


Coldest night here since late April. Patchy frost could develop outlying


Winter Advisories ADI

Frost Advisory northern Indiana Saturday morning

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