Travel to the Indianapolis 500 being made easier for race fans

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SPEEDWAY – Restrictions near construction zones will be temporarily lifted this weekend, INDOT authorities said.

Work will halt at construction sites in order to make room for possible heavy traffic from race fans who are headed to the track and people who are going out of town for Memorial Day.

The barricades will remain on the road, but people should pay attention to the speed limit because it will more than likely be temporarily back to its normal speed limit. This will begin Friday afternoon.

“When there’s much more traffic during the holiday, especially when we’ve got an event like the Indianapolis 500, (it’s) just (better) to try to pull back the work. (It is better to) pull back the restrictions as much as possible until those events and (the) holiday (is over) and then we can get back to work on Monday,” INDOT’s Nathan Riggs said.

Authorities said if you do not want to miss any pre-race festivities or the beginning of the race, you should try to cross the Marion County line by 8 a.m. on Sunday. Race fans are encouraged to leave early to get to the track. They should be patient and pick a designated route to travel ahead of time, before the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500.

“It makes race day a whole lot easier and a lot more enjoyable, if you get here early because we sit up in the stands and you can see out in the roadway in the parking lot and people are just lined up trying to get in here,” said race fan Mark Simmons.

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