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Convicted rapist to avoid prison, judge’s ruling making global headlines

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INDIANAPOLIS – A court ruling right here in Marion County is making headlines across the country and around the world, ending up in national newspapers and even on cable television. An Indianapolis husband convicted of drugging and raping his wife will not to go prison.

FOX59 does not typically identify victims of sexual assault, but the victim in this case is adamant about telling her story.

Mandy Boardman said Marion County Judge Kurt Eisgruber told her Friday she should try to forgive her attacker, her ex-husband. The judge gave David Wise a sentence of eight years on home detention along with a 12-year suspended sentence.

Wise could’ve faced 120 years behind bars for the six felony charges, according to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

From CNN on Wednesday, to Fox News on Thursday, Mandy Boardman isn’t mincing her words.

“It honestly felt like I was getting stepped on. It felt like a sucker punch to my gut you know, by the justice system,” she said.

Her ex-husband David Wise’s jury trial ended April 30 with a guilty verdict on a rape count and five others of criminal deviate conduct.

Boardman went to police in 2011 after finding three graphic videos on her ex-husband’s phone in 2008, showing him performing sexual acts while she was unconscious. The two divorced in 2009.

Boardman said she didn’t come forward sooner because she wanted to protect the couple’s two teenage children, but one day she decided to step forward to police and report the sexual encounters.

“I was suspicious of the drugging because I was kept feeling sleepy all the time, I was groggy, I’d find dissolving pills in my mouth,” said Boardman.

As if the crime wasn’t disturbing enough, Boardman said she got a bigger shock last Friday at her ex-husband’s sentencing hearing, when Judge Kurt Eisgruber had a message for her.

“Before the sentencing went down, the judge looked at me and told me that I should try to forgive my attacker, and I was just dumbfounded,” she said.

Boardman said when her ex-husband got the sentence of home confinement, despite prosecutors arguing for prison time, she decided to speak up to anyone who would listen.

Her message in one week has traveled far, through national newspapers, cable television and social media.

She’s planning to push Indiana lawmakers for mandatory prison sentences in cases like hers.

“I don’t think this should happen to anyone else. I don’t think any other woman should have the feeling that I’ve been having this past week with this pit in my stomach, knowing that my attacker will not be going to prison,” she said.

A spokesperson for Marion County Judge Kurt Eisgruber told FOX59 he could not comment publicly because there is a likely appeal in the case by David Wise.

However, the LA Times reports the judge told their publication his comments to Boardman were meant to help her heal.

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